Our Associates are the heart of our business.  When you succeed, we succeed, together.

What sets our Associate Services apart?

Our commitment to career development makes TMG Staffing the perfect place to quickly find rewarding employment, while continuing to focus on your long term career goals.

Career ladder

Our Career Ladder program gets you to work fast by placing you in the first available job that meets your needs, while simultaneously considering you for other developing opportunities that might better meet your career background and goals.  Career Ladder also grants you reduced-cost and no-cost access to our skill building workshops.  Associates with 30 days on the job also earn free and reduced price access to our resume writing and individual career coaching services.  



Skill Building Workshops

We believe investing in our Associates is investing in our community, and our future.  We offer the following workshops at low or even no-cost to our Associates.

Office Skills

  • Professional Communication

  • Introduction to Microsoft Office

  • Key Tools for Administrative Success

  • Writing for Business

Career Development

  • Social Media Job Search Tools

  • Writing Your College Resume and Essays

  • College Scholarship Writing

  • Resume Writing

  • Interviewing

  • Networking

  • Salary Negotiation

Resume Writing

Resume Review

In our Resume Review service, we review and edit your current resume, and then spend 30 minutes in a one-on-one discussion with you, providing suggestions on how best to tailor your resume for your targeted jobs and coaching you on resume writing skills and strategies.

Resume Rewrite

In our Resume Rewrite service, we start with a 45 minute discussion about your career achievements and your targeted jobs.  We then review your resume to provide edits and suggested wording for a 1-2 page business resume that is tailored to your job search goal.

Resume Reloaded

In our Resume Reloaded service, you receive our Resume Rewrite service plus two rounds of resume edits and your choice of the following: cover letter review, fully written LinkedIn profile, or custom tailored “after-the-interview” follow-up materials.

Individual Career Coaching

Interview Prep

You’ll learn how to conduct effective interview preparation research and reflection so that you’re ready to walk into any interview confident and enthusiastic.  We’ll also show you how to stay on message in answering questions, how to address tough topics like gaps in employment history or career changes, and what questions to ask the interviewer. 

Career Exploration

Whether you are considering a career change, unsure of what types of jobs you should pursue, or want a better understanding of what will make you happy on the job, career exploration is a crucial step in achieving a worthwhile and fulfilling career.

We’ll do an in depth self-directed career assessment which helps you identify the most essential components to long-term career success and including:

  • Your favorite knowledge and fields of interest

  • Your preferred people environments

  • Your favorite transferable skills

  • Working conditions that will best suit you

  • Level of responsibility and salary range needed to support your budget

  • Geographical preferences and whether should you consider relocating

  • Your values, goals and mission in life

Job Search Strategy

We’ll cover the most effective strategies for how to look for jobs that are out there and the ones that haven’t yet been posted.  Go beyond the job boards.  We’ll cover not just where to look, but give you the confidence, through hands on communications practice, to get you working smart, not hard, when it comes to job hunting.

Salary Negotiation

We’ll cover what to do when you receive an offer (hint: don’t accept it on the spot!).  We’ll discuss immediate first steps when the call comes in, how to conduct salary research in the non-profit and private sectors, negotiation topics and more.  Learn the tools to know what you’re worth and ensure that your next employer knows it too!


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